Film & TV


Film Noir (External site hosted by Myron Bünnagel)
Charlie Chan (1930s/1940s)

Television (GB)

Between the Lines flaggeUK (Article by Gareth Preston)
Michael J. Bird flaggeUK (External site hosted by Dave Rice)
In memoriam: William Brayne flaggeUK Obituary flaggeUK
The Enigma Files flaggeD flaggeUK
Francis Durbridge Presents: The Doll (Die Puppe) flaggeD flaggeUK
Gentlemen and Players flaggeUK
In memoriam: Fred Hamilton flaggeUK
Helen - A Woman of Today flaggeUK
Minder flaggeUK (External site hosted by Jonathan Gibbs)
Paul Temple flaggeD flaggeUK RTS version
The Professionals flaggeD flaggeUK (External site hosted by Dave Matthews)
Saracen flaggeUK
Shoestring flaggeUK (External site hosted by Dene Kernohan - temporarily offline)
Softly Softly: Task Force flaggeD
Special Branch (wird runderneuert/under revision)
Target flaggeD flaggeUK
Thriller flaggeD flaggeIT (Article by Dario Magini)
Roger Tucker: Scriptwriter and Director flaggeUK
Van der Valk flaggeD flaggeUK

Television (US and Australia)

Magnum, p.i. flaggeD
Interview: Larry Manetti on Lawrence Doheny flaggeUK
Special Squad flaggeD flaggeUK
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