I've been trying to set up a meaningful publication on Paul Temple for almost a decade. For a number of reasons, it never happened.
But I'm still having fun collecting all sort of Temple memorabilia and writing, re-writing and re-re-writing. Praise from Francis Matthews (sadly, now deceased) and Ian B - which means a lot to me - encouraged me to go on, despite all the hardships involved and despite financially punishing circumstances.

The Paul Temple book is written in English and - although I have no idea when and where - will see the light as a non-profit publication.
I'm still missing photographs for episodes as diverse as Message from a Dead Man, There Must be a Mr X, Missing Penny, Swan Song for Colonel Harp, Mr. Wallace Predicts, Letters from Robert, The Man from the Sea, The Victim, Kill or Cure, Double Vision, Steal a Little Happiness, The Suitcase, Night Train, Cue Murder!, The Quick and the Dead. Please contact me if you are in possession of any such material.

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